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Another Great White Attacks Kayakers

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Another Great White Attacks Kayakers

Post  Deepblu505 on Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:06 am

Saw this, this morning this is getting pretty common. It looks like Great Whites really don't like the Hobie Pro Anglers LOL.  But seriously I am not sure if it is a change in the sharks attitude or just that there are so many more kayakers going offshore now than before. Also in Cali the main staple for the Great Whites is sea lions, seals, and turtles from the bottom (esp. with the flippers on the Pro Angle ) they kind of look like sea lions. Shocked Anyway just my thoughts here's the article with a video.

Another Great White Attacks Kayakers

One more, this is showing a surfer, but it doesn't take much imagination to  see how a Kayak would also fit the profile.

 For those that think since we are on the East Coast we are safer because we don't have the Great Whites, think again. Here is the website for OCEARCH.ORG, specifically for tracking the Great White Mary Lee. Check out her path and where she has been. Play close attention to how far up the Cape Fear she went. Rember that these pings are only where she surfaced and the paths are not her path but just straight lines between those surfacing.

Mary Lee Shocked

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Re: Another Great White Attacks Kayakers

Post  Coach on Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:52 pm

I agree Ed. The profiles are very similar. Makes ya think abit about going offshore. Lol

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