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NC Artificial Reefs

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NC Artificial Reefs

Post  Deepblu505 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:43 pm

This is nothing new but some may not be aware of this site. This the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries Artificial Reefs. It gives the location of all the AR's, and the lay out of each with coordinates and diagrams. Here's the link: NCDMF Artificial once you get to the reef you are interested in take the a out of the address : for example I'll use Yaupon Reef :http://www.ncfisheries.net/reefs/ar425a.htm that is the address to the description now take the a out and it will take you to the diagram of the reefs components. That will look like this. I thought it was cool. Also with the smart phones you can pull it up on the water.


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