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Boundary Line Lake - 26 May 2012

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Boundary Line Lake - 26 May 2012

Post  Snagged on Mon May 28, 2012 10:33 pm

We decided to brave the winds and went out to Boundary Line this past Saturday. Took us a while to get there since the Honeycutt gate is closed, but we eventually got there, thanks largely in part to luck and GPS scratch

Winds were high, sun was bright, and water was around 80 degrees. Had a real tough time fighting the winds; at one point I even threw out the anchor. It was interesting to actually see when I got in about 15 feet of water, I could see the thermocline on the sonar at around 10 feet (I'm like a kid once in a while - even the smallest of things entertain me).

I only hooked one fish, but he was a "two-fer" - personal best bass on a fly rod, and personal best bass overall. He wasn't much - only two and a half, maybe three pounds, but tons of fun on the flyrod. Was using a little popper fly. He made two little pops at it that looked like a bream hit, but then sucked it down and I saw my fly line shoot away. Fish on. At one point, he came up top and danced in the air...would have made a real nice Bill Dance video clip. Definitely one of my more exciting catches. bounce

Tonybee caught several rather large bluegills on the long rod, and I think what might have been a warmouth. But he'll have to upload those pics.

Here's two shots of the bass - one normal, and one using the Eddie (Deepblu) method of "hold it closer to the camera"

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