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Mrytle Beach Report

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Mrytle Beach Report

Post  Backlash on Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:14 pm

Just spent a few days at North Myrtle Beach with the family staying at the Prince Resort which is the hotel that is attached to the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier. Everything is right there that the family will need and the rooms are very clean and comfortable unlike the other hotels on the strand that are frequented more by partiers. Not much to report on the fishing. This is a south facing beach and the wind was coming hard out of the south on Monday, so other actiivities took over.

On Tuesday morning, the wind was more northly and the pier became crowded and anglers were catching whiting and spot on bloodworms. However, the wind shifted to the south and a blow came in around noon and set in on the area for the rest of the day.

I tried fishing within the grandson this morning long enough to catch a few whiting and long past a 5 year olds attention. Like yesterday, a blow cme in around noon and by that time it was time for us to return to Fayetteville.

I tried a couple of new things on this trip that I really like . The first is Fish bites which bought plenty of bites. With all of the new varieties of this lure now, I see some great possibilities in using the in a wide range of ways. The other things are frog tongue sinkers. I was very impressed in the way that they hold bottom and don't roll in the surf . I much prefer these to the old pyramid sinkers and would recommend that you contact Pete's Sink- Hers and order you some for your next trip.

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