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Fished The Steeples to Blackjack for wahoo

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Fished The Steeples to Blackjack for wahoo

Post  john p smith on Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:18 pm

30 Nov 12 Fished the Steeples to Black Jack in search of wahoo with a crew of three. Everything was slow doing the morning. We trolled ballyhoo on sea witches and one mutzu sea bear (looks like a large rattle trap) Had one run on THE SEA BEAR in the afternoon. Wahoo took the hook off the lure and left the lure with bad teeth marks. Then we switched to high speed trolling Roatan lures. I put out one green machine. The little tunny where biting well on green machines. We stopped high speed trolling and put sea witches back out. I took a green machine and put a strip of little tunny on it. The reel screamed and it was a wahoo. The rod went limp. The green machine fell victim to a wahoo and it's sharp teeth. We then boated a wahoo then fought a sail and boated another wahoo. First one close to 40lbs and the second one 25lb. We fished a little longer trying to get a third one so everyone would have a wahoo boated. No success so we headed home. On the way in we stopped between the FRYING PAN TOWER and Bald head island. Birds were everywhere eating menhaden (poggies) He where hope to see a blue fin tuna surface. The gannets where diving in teams like a B 52 bomber dropping a load. It must have been almost a thousand of them . That ended a nice day.

Featured appearances were a sailfish, a huge shark that could have been molly the 16ft great white that was been tracked with a electronic device, and a couple of large sea turtles.
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