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Murph's Pond (Parkton)

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Murph's Pond (Parkton)

Post  BenB on Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:30 pm

The little pond just off of McIver Rd. (Murph's Rd.) that I call Murph's Pond is now full and near the overflow point (Approx. 6' higher than I've ever seen it). If you've been to this pond you know there's a kind of land bridge between the main pond and a smaller overflow pond. Well, the water is just inches from the top of the land bridge. Also, the pier that's in the middle of the main pond is under water. Access to water is now limited to a few areas on the land bridge due to the trees. Water has come over the pond's bank along the backside of the pond and will require waders to even get to the submerged pier.
Fishing hasn't been good at all. I feel that's only because I can't get to where the fish are holding up at. I feel that I could catch a few if I could get my boat in the water.

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